Feedbacksociety was founded in 2001 and is a collective for audiovisual experiments.

The work takes shape in several forms such as; audiovisual performances and installations, kinetic sound sculpture’s, site-specific environments and live-cinema with the emphasis on the inner character of the media, physical movement and human interaction.

Feedbacksociety performances and installations have been shown at several international cutting edge new media festivals and venues such as Machinista (Glasgow), Sonic Acts (Amsterdam), Garage festival (Stralsund), Sensoralia (Rome), Video Dance (Athens), State-X/New Forms (The Hague), Dis-Patch (Belgrade), Light Forms (Rotterdam) and Saal Biennaal (Tallinn).

Current feedbacksociety members are:
Arno Scheper
Renzo van Steenbergen

Past members are:
Willem Witte
Kim Laugs
Ferenc Teglas

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